Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

The registration of your intellectual property is just the first stage in Carters’ legal services. We are experienced in providing clients with ongoing advice in the strategic management of all aspects of their intellectual property portfolio.

Consider the value of the following aspects of intellectual property portfolio management:

  • Intellectual property is often an organization’s most undervalued asset. Through the proper valuation and full development of this asset, an organization can achieve significant growth.
  • Organizations can realize the entire value of their business, marketing, research and development efforts through the successful management of their intellectual property portfolio.
  • An organization which capitalizes on its intellectual property portfolio is in the best position to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Carters provides proactive intellectual property portfolio management services to clients across Canada, the United States and around the world:

  • registration
  • licensing
  • monitoring
  • enforcement
  • litigation
  • developing policies for the internal management of intellectual property
  • conducting intellectual property audits
  • evaluating competitive assets and liabilities
  • pinpointing and pursuing licensing prospects