Internet Domain Names

An internet domain name is a unique name which identifies an organization on the internet. The chosen name plus the domain extension (e.g., .com, .ca, .org) form the internet domain name, e.g.,

Consider the importance of the following aspects of the internet in general and internet domain names:

  • With over one billion users of the internet worldwide, an organization must be present on the internet in order to remain viable.
  • Since the internet has evolved from an informational to a transactional forum of exchange, an effective domain name and a highly secure website are essential.
  • Not only must a website be easy to navigate, it must first be easy to connect with it. As there can be no duplication of domain names, competition has resulted in at least three forms:
  1. Competition between trademark owners who have similar trademarks with similar domain names;
  2. Competition between trademark owners and “cybersquatters” who only register domain names for the sole purpose of selling them for a profit to trademark owners; and
  3. Competition between trademark owners and “typosquatters” who register misspelled domain names in order to re-route searches for popular websites.

Carters offers proactive internet domain name services to clients across Canada, the United States and around the world:

  • selecting the right domain name and quickly registering it, as well as any other similar top level domain names (e.g., .com, .org and .net) still available
  • registering multiple second level identifying names with the same top level domain name, as well as slight variations and misspellings of second level identifying name
  • monitoring and renewing domain names in order to prevent them from expiring
  • infringement actions against a domain name owner for entitlement to that domain name

Registration Agreements

  • CIRA .ca Registrant Agreement 
  • CIRA .ca Registrant Presence Requiremts
  • com, net, org Registration Agreement
  • biz Registration Agreement
  • info Registration Agreement
  • name Registration Agreement
  • tv Registration Agreement
  • us Registration Agreement
  • uk Registration Agreement

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