Wrongful Dismissal

Carters will assess the facts of each case and will determine whether the client has a claim for wrongful dismissal. We will also consider the conduct of the employer in assessing your case, particularly whether there was good faith or fair dealing shown by the employer. If there is a valid claim, the employee has the option of suing the former employer to recover damages for breach of the employment contract. Some examples of wrongful dismissal cases include matters where the employer did not give sufficient notice to the employee that the employment was ending, or matters where the employment was terminated because of the employee’s gender or age.

If you feel that you have been wrongfully dismissed, you should not delay in consulting a lawyer as soon as possible and obtaining legal advice on your options, as there are time limitations on the types of action that you can take.

We also have experience in advising and representing employers who are defending against wrongful dismissal claims by former employees. Our knowledge of the legislative requirements, along with our understanding of wrongful dismissal case law, will assist employers in creating the best possible defence to a claim of wrongful dismissal.